Reach people wherever

they are, with a mobile app for your ministry.

Why mobile?

Did you know that there are more than 238 million mobile users in the U.S. and more than 6 billion globally?
Is your church missing out on this
mobile ministry potential?


What is Mobile Ministry?

Mobile Ministry uses technologies that engage and reach these users where they are. Mobile ministry tools include Text Messaging, Mobile Friendly Websites, and Mobile Apps. Mobile apps are arguably the stickiest and most interactive of these technologies.


Our Philosophy

At PocketPew, we are passionate about reaching a dying world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Methods change, but this message of Hope never has and never will. In a world where people can connect anywhere, we want to make sure ministries can reach people everywhere – even on their mobile devices.


What is Pocket Pew?

PocketPew, powered by, is designed with churches and ministries in mind. We know that you want a beautiful app to connect with your church and community but you don’t want to mortgage your church to do it. We understand that you don’t always have the time to spend on updating your mobile app, so our platform keeps things simple for your church.

This is why we created the pocketPEW app builder platform that makes it super easy to get started, keep your app updated, and add new features as needed - all with the click of a button.
(no coding required)

With our Robust Mobile App Analytics you get to understand how many users download your app, the times when people use your app, which Platform is most popular - all through actionable insights into your app's activity.

Easy Integration

Keeping your app updated is one big concern that many churches have. We make this easy by integrating with content that you already have on today’s most popular platforms. This is critical, as ministries want to limit the amount of maintenance multiple platforms require. We believe in giving you as many options as possible and allowing you to work with the solutions you are already comfortable with. Here are just some of our integration partners:

Beautiful & user friendly designs, with the unique look of your Ministry that you will be proud of.

Our easy to use content management system allows for beautiful app designs without any programming knowledge needed. We allow you to preview your apps as you create them online or from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


How it works


Sign Up

48 hrs: Get started quickly and easily, with our risk-free, smart start, on-boarding process. Choose a layout, pick a plan, cut 50% time, and save 90% of the cost. We will create a ready-to-edit app for you.


Set Up *

As fast as you can: With our “no app left behind” setup process, you will have access to our step by step guides, weekly Launchpad Webinars, members only Facebook group, email support and knowledge center.



15 biz days: Once you are happy with your app, easily submit a publish request and we will take care of the paperwork, to get your app published to Google Play and App Store. After successful launch, you will be part of our Success Club: tips, webinars, blogs and best practices, to help you maximize on your mobile ministry success.

* For the optional “Help me” service, we will assist you in getting your app setup. You will need to start your risk-free trial and select this option on the checkout page.

Why PocketPew?

PocketPew works with hundreds of churches and ministries globally, and has developed a focused understanding of the needs of ministries and how to maximize a mobile app to connect people to their ministry. We get ministries! PocketPew is a reliable platform that makes it easy to get started and maintain, while saving you a ton of time and money.

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