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Sermons & Media

On Demand Content

You already produce life changing content each week. Does it have to stop there? Reach more people by integrating your audio and/or video podcast into your mobile app. Using youtube or vimeo? No problem. Your members and visitors from anywhere in the world can watch and listen to your sermons and events, while on the treadmill, in the car or at work.

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Live streaming

Engage more people, by allowing users to watch your live events and ministry services wherever they are in the world, and to be part of the experience. Integrating your livestream is a great way to reach people who, initially, may not be ready to attend the service or event in person, or just cannot make it. Allowing people to meet with your content wherever they are will ensure you reach and engage with a global and mobile generation.




Keep your members and visitors updated on everything that’s going on at ministry. Our app will help your ministry effectively communicate with your community while getting you feedback as you go. Two-way communication equals ministry growth.

Push Notifications

Increase the visibility and awareness of important ministry news and events by alerting your members with unlimited push notifications. These notifications can link to other items, including a new sermon, a ministry bulletin or a volunteer form. With our localized, highly used, geo-targeting messaging feature, you can minimize app uninstalls by reaching the correct target members.
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Events & Announcements

Our native events module is very interactive, with social integration for commenting and sharing, with beautiful banners to display your events and maximize your reach. With the push notifications, you can now send your mobile users straight to the event details page.
Don’t want to manually update your app? EventBrite integration is one of the most popular and highly recommended event cloud apps. Set it up once and EventBrite will automatically update your app. Do free or paid events, as well.
Perhaps you want to link to the announcements page. No worries! Upload your bulletin to the cloud and make it available to all, while saving trees and resources.

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Blogs and Written Content

In today’s world content is king. Use your app to integrate your helpful blog content into your mobile app. This provides value for members as well as attracts new visitors to your ministry.

  • Bible resources
  • Health tips etc

You can practically add to your app any mobile-friendly link that makes sense for your ministry’s goals.


Data Collection

With e-newsletters, you can bring value to your members, with events in your community, health tips, and parenting resources, to name a few. With PocketPew you can encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, which automatically integrates with Constant Contact, MailChimp, Emma and other e-mail systems capable of triggering your unique auto-response.

  • Mail Integration
  • Signup Forms
  • Camp Registrations



Build Engagement

Relationships are more important than ever. Your ministry’s app will enable people to connect with each other in a variety of ways, leading to personal growth, collaboration and discipleship.

Social Wall (Community Wall / Prayer Wall)

Make it easy for your members to connect with each other in a variety of ways, leading to personal growth, collaboration and discipleship. You can use this section for prayer requests, sermon discussions, items to be given away and much more.

  • Prayer Wall
  • Town Hall / Community Wall
  • Classified ads

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Social Media

Social media is a critically important part of engagement goals of any ministry. Your app will allow all of your social media to be easily accessed from one place which, in turn, will help to increase your fans and followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as ministry-specific platforms, like The Table and Faithstreet.


Photo Galleries

People connect with people. Display your ministry’s activity in the community, as well as photos from events that tell the story of what your ministry is all about. Do this the easy way, by also integrating your photos from Instagram, Flickr and Picasa.

  • Integrate with leading photo sections.
  • Manual upload



Increase Giving & Fundraising

Fewer and fewer people carry cash or checks with them, today these days. Integrate your giving page, to allow people to give easily right on their phones. Your app will help people to give on the go, for tithes, offerings or towards special fundraising projects. You can also create an online store to sell content, event tickets and other fundraising items.

  • Tithes, offering and Donation (fundraising)
  • Online Store


Contact Us

More than 50% of mobile searches are now completed on a mobile device. Help members and potential visitors looking for your ministry to locate it more easily. Whether you have one location or many, users will be able to instantly get turn-by-turn directions. The click-to-call feature will enable them to reach your church or ministry at a press of a button.

  • Click to call, email, locate
  • Multiple / single location
  • Calling directions

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