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When you design your mobile app for your church or ministry, you want to think carefully and strategically about the features you include. You can't just take your entire website and put it inside your mobile app.


The first step is to set goals for your mobile app. Ask yourself what you would like to accomplish for your ministry with this app.


You can map these goals onto the feature options that are available. This will help you create an app that is specific to the rich content that you can provide and it will help you to communicate better with your audience, while encouraging more users to share your content.


We offer you a list of all the feature options available to you, so you can gain an idea of what is possible.

From this list, you will need to select the features that will best help you to achieve your ministry’s goals. Keep in mind that you are generally limited to selecting 10 to 14 of these features*

*If you go much bigger than that, your app may be rejected by the Apple App Market. Not all features work on all mobile operating systems. Check out our functionality overview to find out which tabs work on iOS, Android & HTML5.

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